We. Are. Difficult.

Omg it’s true. Women do things in the most difficult manner possible. Oftentimes we flat out do things we shouldn’t even be doing. Just cuz.

Really ladies. I know this crushes the precious ego, but hear me out…

BFFD and I are sitting at the Pub talking about my Christmass tree cutting adventure. I was gushing about how much fun we had, and how it was sooooo awesome that I came upstairs from getting the ornaments and JFTP had the tree in the stand! Because my God I always struggle with that. Every stinkin’ Year. Why? Well, it’s almost like I am doing it backward…


And my power cord at work? I’d thread it up through the hole instead of dropping it down into it. Sweet baby Jesus. What. The. Fuck Carrie?!? You are crazy.

I’m sure there are other things that we do ass backward because, well, we are difficult. What silly things do you do?




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