Song of the Week

So this came out of the common random conversations that I have with JFTP…

I was in the process of putting a project into my project management software at work the other day. It was the first time I had been responsible for this. I was stoked :). Went into TeamWork, pushed the “New Project” button and got the popup window. And there, in the project name field, in title caps, was the following prompt: Flux Capacitor Design. That made me happy. And I knew it would make JFTP happy too so I snapped a pic and sent it to him.

An hour later I sent him a text that simply said “Song?”, as I was in a stalemate thinking outside the box for this post.

The whole conversation looked like this:

So yeah. We’re just a buncha nerds around here.

Enjoy this terrific 80s gem 🙂




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