Become Positive (or die trying)

I like to think that I am generally a positive person. I have learned many different ways to overcome negative thinking. 2-to-1 breathing (exhale is 2x as long as your inhale), affirmations, prayer, and laughter. Writing and reading and talking it out. But you know what? Sometimes we all fall down. I used to think that it was something wrong with me. I learned that humans are hard-wired towards negativity. Did you know that it takes more than 12 seconds for a positive experience to be stored in our short-term memory, yet our brain absorbs and holds on to negative ones? Furthermore, worry is the brain’s default reaction. Lovely, no?
Rather than dealing with the negative in the moment,  what can we do to get ourselves into a habit of Positivity? I have a few ideas…

Make Positive Your Default
Robert Cialdini has something called the Consistency Principle. In a nut shell it says that from the moment we say or do something our brain wants to continue to do and say things that are consistent with that first thought/action. So if we are positive, we will want to be more positive.
Believe in Possibilities
Not only does believing in something give you an instant positive mindset, but it supports success. And succeeding at anything is a positive thing!
Talk to Yourself Positively
When you look at things with the mindset that you can’t do it, it won’t work out, or there’s no chance, you are destined to fail. Look at those statements. They all have a negative connotation.
Acknowledge Successes
Even the smallest successes should be celebrated. When you learn to see what you’re doing right you are less likely to focus on what you’re doing wrong.
Take everything and find something positive in it. Build the habit into your life so that it is a seamless part of your thought process. It will become something you don’t just do but a part of who you are and how you live. 
How do you live a positive life?

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