Gratitude & Happiness

Be Grateful, DammitThis is a topic on which I have written a gazillion times. But every time I do, there’s a different reason why.
This time is no exception.

Life is a funny thing. One day you’re skipping along and everything is hunky-Dory. The next, life is shit and you just gotta get out of this place. When these feelings hit it is easy to get all wrapped up in thinking you should be happier.  Maybe if I moved I’d be happier. If I wasn’t in such a stressful situation I might be happier. If my relationship was different maybe I’d be happier.

Once we start thinking like that we forget about the awesome things we have in our lives. The great food on our plates, our health, the love that surrounds us. Our jobs. Our family. Beer. We get so wrapped up in thinking we need x, y, or z that we completely miss A-W right there in front of us. Like the amazing person we are spending our time with.

Looking at everything we don’t have creates a negative outlook. This negative outlook affects how we think about our relationship. Not necessarily a “the grass is greener” scenario, but in a “could I be happier” thought process.

Of course, we could be happier. There is always room to escalate our happiness. But that doesn’t mean looking outside our bubble to do that. I’m not going to rehash a bunch of stuff that I wrote about a week-ish ago. I’m just going to remind you to be grateful. Being happy is a mindset and one you have complete control over. Finding gratitude every day increases your chances of being happy with what you have ten-fold.

Be grateful. Be happy. Love hard.
xo c



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