That Awkward Stage

The weight loss-fitness-clean-eating-release-your-inner-badass journey is full of strange things, let me tell you what.

For instance, who’d have thought that one could eat fresh, clean ingredient pizza but not popcorn? Or drink beer but not milk? The body is a weird machine, for sure.

Lately, this weird amazing machine has decided to retain all kinds of water in protest of the uptick in weight I’m lifting. So not only am I bulking but I’m looking pudgy as well. And that just about pisses me off. But I know it’s just another one of those stupid awkward stages. Every 3 or so months I have one. Get all bulky and my body looks weird before I lean out again. Just part of the process I suppose.

But what I wanted to tell y’all is that if you go through that, there is hope! Or at least some things you can do to not lose hope during your awkward stage.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 4.26.36 PM

  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat lots of low carb veggies
  • Put down the salt shaker
  • Find a positive thought
  • Don’t stop lifting
  • Yoga
  • Walk it off
  • Keep on your meal plan
  • Be patient

Not hard-fast rules, and they don’t all work all the time. But hopefully, you’ll find something that will keep you sane through your awkward stage! This too shall pass and you’ll be lean as fuck in no time 🙂

Do you have suggestions? Please throw them in the comments.




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