Guys. Weird.

I’m beginning to believe that it’s just the way it is in probably 95% of cases; males, as a gender, are relatively lazy about anything but their hobbies and source of income.

I know, I know. But hear me out, guys…

Friday night. At the Homecoming game with lil man. There are gaggles of girls running around all over the place. But as for boys over the age of 8? 3. Three boys over the age of 8 who were not sitting in a little cluster.

Weird. I thought to myself. One would think it would be the girls sitting around gossiping, being goosey about the cold, and “so bored”.

I grew up in a house full of people who never sat unless they were eating or it was after 8. I can’t wrap my brain around the idea of all these kids, boys especially, who sit on their butts.

And not only is it the boys, but it extends to the men, too! I have suffered through this problem with almost every single person I have dated. No drive, no motivation, only the kind of person who need to be prodded with a stick to do anything not in their self interest.

Not to say that they sit like bumps upon logs, no. But generally if it isn’t work or something fun, they’ll just sit home and do whatever it is guys do at home on a Saturday afternoon. So. Fucking. Unnatural.

I don’t like it. I can’t stand that I always have to be the one in charge. That I wear the pants.

What is it, do you think? What makes people like that tick? Ah but then it opens up the idea and begs the question of what is it that makes anyone tick?

But alas, I don’t have the time or patience to entertain that conversation right now. So just ponder people being sedentary. What’s your though? Are you?




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