What constitutes a soul mate, do you think? Is it a romantic thing, a plutonic thing? Can it be two ships in the night?

I have been pondering this since the Tuesday when my DSNBP and I split up. He was, by my definition, practically perfect. My other half, best friend, keeper of my heart. He really was close to everything I could want: Tall, debonaire, funny, and, by rights, a perfect fucking match. There were very few things that he wouldn’t at least entertain trying.

But it didn’t last forever. Hmmmm.

Do you think, maybe, that a soul mate is just someone who matches you quite perfectly? That staying isn’t a requirement. Love isn’t a requirement. They just come into your life to let you know that no matter where life and love takes (or doesn’t take you) there’s someone who is very much like you. Maybe that’s what it truly is. Just a temporary matching of souls…

I don’t like it. I don’t like the idea that there’s maybe not a forever person. At least not a forever love person. I’m a forever kind of girl.

What do you think? Is there a soul mate out there for everyone??

Maybe mine is Margaret…





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