Just Friends? What Does That Even Mean??


This is NOT a thing. It cannot be a thing. It will never be a thing. If you haven’t seen Song of the Week, that explains everything. If you’re curious as to the contents of this post as it was written, please feel free to read on.

Is this really such a thing? To be able to just be friends when you once were best friends/lovers/nerds/forever?

I’m on the fence. The only time I have ever even attempted this is with my buddy D. But it took us about 2 – 3 years to get there if I remember correctly.

Anyhow, why would I even consider it?

Here’s the thing. I miss my DSBP JFTP. And I hate not having him in my life at all. Most times I am fine with just talking to him, but other times we are just talking and something triggers a nerve (last night it was Halloween). My heart falls apart and I go down this ridiculous rabbit hole of how miserable I am without him. What’s the worst is that about 10% of the time I’m not miserable anymore (I know. It’s a wee percentage, but it’s better than it was).

He even said, and I quote “I would be willing to be friends and see where it goes from there but I feel like you would want beer and butt touches right away”. Well, my friends, he is right. That is what I would want. But I told him that just hearing his voice and nerding out with him would set my heart to rest. I think that if we just met somewhere, nerded, maybe ate food, then went our separate ways, I would probably be alright. Because I still love that DSNBP UGH JFTP.

I want to try it. I want to just go to Heid. Or the mall. Or something. I know that in the end, I may be opening myself up to hella hurt, but just to be those nerds up there again? That would be the best thing ever. So we are trying it Saturday… **NOPE. Not happening.

What do you think?? Have you ever had a relationship where it didn’t end because either one of you hated the other? Then you want to be friends? Does it work? Does it hurt?




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