And Then She Remembered

Who she was. What she wanted. And that He left Her.

She remembered what she has looked for in a relationship her entire life. And admitted that he wasn’t it. That although he was a “nice guy”, he lacked quite a few things she really wanted in a mate; guts. Gumption. Emotion. Vision.

She remembered that she was braver than she believed. And stronger than she thought. That she was capable to climb her own mountains and buy her own damn beer. And grab her own butt, if she wanted. But she would also tell herself that she was pretty.

She remembered that she was a beauty, and a beast. A mom, a mémé, a yogi, and an inspiration. A friend and a brewer and a damn good cook.

She remembered all of these things she knew she was before him. These things no one will ever be able to take away from her. And she wiped the tears and walked the fuck out of her disaster.



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