The craft beer community…


These folks are a different breed. I’m sure it’s like that with every niche group, but this one I happen to be a part of. They’re my tribe, if you will.

Saturday I went on a local “Craft Beer Walk”. 3-3oz samples at 7 different bars over the course of 5 hours. It is a damn good time. And let me tell you, you meet some of the coolest people.

I met a couple that I kept running into at different bars. They were fun and personable, both talking to me about their beer and food passions. I told them they are what I am looking for in a relationship – a mutual love for craft beer and craft food, and a desire to seek it out. They both told me if they were single they would hope to be like me; brave enough to say “Fuck it. I love beer and I will walk alone, meeting new people everywhere I go”.


So not only was it great to drink some REALLY freaking good beer and meet some cool people, it was good to hear that some people think my life might be okay to live.

And so. Today I am thankful for the craft beer community. To be a part of a group of like-minded people that I can hang out with, whether I know them or not, and talk to about a shared passion and feel at home.



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