Song of the Week

It is time 🙂

Every day is a new experience. Some days suck major balls and some days are really damn good. I’m not sure what drives it, sometimes it can be an article, a song, or something someone says. Some days I just wake up melancholy, wanting to cry and missing him terribly.

But it’s not just him. It’s my “old life”. Where the chaos was just that; chaos. Not negative, just busy. It all made sense, as I had been living it for such a long time. Everything is now changing all at once. It’s weird and uncomfortable.

I was talking to my priest about it Sunday evening after mass. We talked about how no matter how much everything changes, Jesus is still the same. The rock. My main man. And the one person who will never stop loving me or leave me.

So here’s something to speak to that…

But hey, I think you’re great, too.



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