How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty damn good. Saturday was a crisp, beautiful Wisconsin day. Becca, Cam, and I took advantage of it, and the offering of Family Free Day at the Milwaukee County Zoo. We had a blast playing the ABC game in the car, checking out the animals, laughing, and being together.

From the zoo, we hit up Explorium Brew Pub for some AWESOME food and decent beer. Then went to Eagle Park brewing for a can release of some of the most amazing juicy, creamy, sour, tropical milkshake IPAs I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. And it’s so cool, the kids take an interest. They want to know about the beers. What makes them different. They get to see an adult enjoying a beverage not to get drunk but to try something new.

It was an all-around great day. Check out the highlights 🙂


This week I am thankful for family time. That my kids are old enough and cool enough to have their time and learn about my passion, too.

What are you thankful for today??



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