Learn From It

Lessons. Change. Improvement. Every single situation, whether it’s fucked up or not, can probably teach us something.

I got to thinking about this as I was writing my gratitude journal this morning. One of my 3 things was my relationship with DSNBP because it taught me a lot. About myself, about the way I approach relationships, and about what I thought I wanted vs what I actually need from someone.

Often times, I think we believe that the only lessons come from painful situations. Granted, those are usually the most obvious ones, and they make us uncomfortable enough that we actually want to change it. Remember the Lion King?

Related image

Great scene. Good wisdom. Love the message. But still…

What if we put forth the effort to learn from every situation we were in? What if, for one week, we took a good look at all the situations that make an impact on our lives. Even the ones that really went quite well?

Maybe we aren’t supposed to be looking for things we did wrong, but things we could do even more right. What if the road to escalating ourselves was to improve on our awesomeness instead of focus on our failings?? What if it was really about all the positive things we can do, and do accomplish? Wouldn’t improving on the good in ourselves only make us…dare I say… great??



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