Doing what you’ve always done will get you where you’ve always gone. If you want change, you have to learn something new. Or, rather, unlearn the destructive behavior that has kept you stagnant and closed off to the gifts you’re meant to receive.

Ugh. That’s a weighty statement. And one not to be entered into by the faint of heart.

So this is how I’m going into 2019: like a fu&*ing boss. This year I want to clear the bad vibes. Make space. Find my full truth. And all of that requires me to unlearn some thought processes and habits that don’t serve me.

It starts with a list. How many of your shitty habits and thoughts can you identify? What are the things you have always done that are NOT getting you the results you’re looking for? Here’s what my list looks like:

  • Fixing everyone & everything
  • Worrying about the future
  • Holding on to expired anything
  • Looking to food for comfort
  • Doubting myself
  • Not saying yes enough

Whatever you’ve got, that’s what you’re focus is from here on out.

I feel like there is a conscious effort to be made on the regular to ensure that these habits and thought processes get wiped the fuck off the proverbial hard drive that is our mind. It’s not something we can do when we feel like it, or when it’s convenient, But a task to be taken seriously every damn day. And only when we commit to that can the unlearning begin.

what will you unlearn to make space?



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