I was perusing insta the other day and came across a post from a college friend of mine on the Mel Robbins’ Mindset Reset. Because I am desperately trying to change this half-ass life I’m living, I was immediately interested in what it was all about. Googled it (how can you not be SO thankful for the interwebs in a situation like this???) and found a great nugget of inspiration and a guide for change.

Just what I need.

I signed up and *BAM!* “You’ve got mail!” Okay, not just like that but you get the gist. I got a link to my PDF and eagerly took a look-see.

Super stuff right there. Simple…ish…I’ll get to that. Relevant. Powerful. Everything I love and God just what I need.

What makes it awesome, C? I know you’re asking that in your head. Well I’ll tell you, since you asked nicely.

  1. It asks questions – questions force you into reflecting thoughtfully, with purpose
  2. It’s relevant – the topics are things that actually affect your life.
  3. Someone does it for you! – read the guide. Follow the directions. Change your life.

It’s really that awesome. Promise.

If you’re interested, just Google Mindset Reset and sign up. You will not only get the guide, but Mel will send you videos and inspiration throughout the journey. And it’s all free.

On this New Years Day 2019, I wish that you..

  • Find the inspiration to continue your journey of becoming the best version of yourself.
  • Be at peace with your life. Your past. Your grief.
  • Love yourself fiercely.




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