This Year I Will…

I quit making resolutions a long time ago. Improvements and habits are the things i want to build. Make goals. Create an action Plan. Those kinds of things are where the real change takes place.

Taking my cues from the Mindset Reset, I came up with something in each area to improve upon.

Heres my list…

  • Life:
    • Play more
    • Pray harder
  • Money:
    • Acquire less
    • Spend less
  • Relationships
    • Connect Deeper
    • Make Time
  • Self-worth
    • Meditate more
    • Make space
    • Know my worth

Seems like a formidable list. I like it. Now a plan of action…and translation where needed (in order, of course):


Shoot hoops with Cam. Take more hikes. Go to the beach. Play a board game.

Morning. Night. Gratitude journaling. Try to sneak in an extra mass. Put bible study on my calendar at least once a month.


Stop buying crap to make me feel better. Spending only brings momentary happiness. And only one beer road trip a month, and only if I have the time and funds.

If I don’t need it it doesn’t go in the cart. Period. There are not many things I need any more. Also, I’m getting rid of anything I haven’t worn (putting on and banishing to the corner 5 minutes later does NOT count as worn)


LISTEN to what people are saying. Find that common space and if I can’t, use my love, kindness, and compassion to connect. Make people feel important and good about themselves.

Make plans. Lunch, dinner, happy hour, events. Invite people over. Cook food and play games. Accept invitations.


Get back in the habit of a soft flow and meditation in the morning. Use the app. Use the relax function on my Fitbit. Connect deeper with myself.

Schedule 30 minutes once a day to write. Something. Anything. And if the thought/inspiration comes, pause and not it down! Plus I need to start doing pages again EVERY MORNING. So good.

Let go of the past. The memories. The I wish it could have and what if it would haves. Live in the moment and trust the process. Banish the clutter and be open for the things God and the universe are trying to give me.

Okay, that’s where I’m at and how I plan to get there. I think it’s solid, and I’m very proud of it. This is going to be a year of getting myself and more importantly my relationships back in order.

I really should print this out. Pin it on my cubicle wall. Put it in my bedroom. And on the fridge.

Come on, 2019. Bring. It. On.

♥️, x, o



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